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Big League Lawns was born 12 years ago when Bob Greenhoe decided to market the lawn striping kit that helped him achieve such dramatic effects on his own lawn.
US Striping plans to obtain national accounts with large corporations to carry out all their parking lot striping work.
Connerney's interpretation of the striping hinges upon the observation that a dynamo periodically flips the direction of its magnetic field.
Experts differed on the life span of the thermoplastic striping, some saying it lasts up to three years while others testifying it could last five to 12 years.
In contrast, SyncRAID(TM) and its on-the-fly hardware XOR engine offer the unique combination of performance striping and drive failure protection with the addition of just one more drive, something not offered by any of the low- or high-end RAID cards available today.
Skunk striping can be achieved three ways: with hair color, with pomades or with small hairpieces.