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The new technology reduces the volume of sulfuric acid used in the resist stripping process by 70% and totally eliminates the use of hydrogen peroxide.
If presented with the choice of working at McDonald's for 40 hours and earning $500 or stripping for eight hours and earning the same amount, women might find the latter option more attractive, Koehler said.
If too few patterns are run, a bottleneck will occur at stripping waiting for binder to set up.
These stripping transactions often provide for the transfer of tax benefits from exempt entities to taxpayers in a position to exploit them.
The first United aircraft, a B-747-100, arrived at Delta's stripping and painting facility in September, and today, after being stripped, sanded, primed and painted by Delta's skilled professionals, it is back in the air sporting the new United colors.
Traditional approaches to stripping nickel, such as sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide solutions, are not effective in stripping platinum, resulting in a platinum residue on the wafer.
This is called court stripping because it would strip the federal courts of their power to hear these cases.
corporation may take in computing its income tax (the so-called earnings stripping rules).
a leading supplier of equipment and supplies to the banking industry, offers a complete line of check stripping machines that comply with policy changes announced by the Federal Reserve Banks at last month's Bank Administration Institute's (BAI's) TransPay 2004 conference.
In early 2003, Montana Tunnels completed Phase I of the open pit redevelopment when the "K-Pit or East Wall" waste stripping project was completed.
As with Axcelis' entire dry strip family of tools, RapidStrip is backed by the company's award-winning customer service and support, as well as the technical expertise of Axcelis' team of scientists and engineers, who continue to explore innovative technologies for stripping and cleaning advanced semiconductor materials and device structures.