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I don't think just being a primary stroke center guarantees that patients will get the acute care they need.
Between the years 1995 and 2005, the death rate from stroke fell almost thirty percent, likely due in part to the increased prevalence of primary stroke centers (PSC) and comprehensive stroke centers (CSC).
To locate the nearest certified stroke center online, visit the "What's New" section at www.
Before stroke strikes, locate a primary stroke center near you.
The Joint Commission awards primary stroke center (PSC) certification to hospitals that have the expertise to provide 24-hour emergency stroke care.
Providing appropriate feedback to nurses implementing clinical practice guidelines and processes is an area worthy of study regardless of stroke center designation.
Silverman is affiliated with The Stroke Center at Hartford Hospital.
The report recommended creation of an acute stroke center and improvement of throughput in the operating room and emergency department.
To qualify as a stroke center, the Coalition requires that a neurologist be on duty or on call at all times.