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Recommendations for the establishment of a comprehensive stroke center were published in 2005.
A second project in New York State looked at 30,947 patients with acute ischemic stroke in 2005-2006, 15,297 of whom were admitted to a designated primary stroke center.
I think we've had tremendous success at comprehensive stroke centers like ours and at UCLA," Lyden said.
Recommendations for the establishment of primary stroke centers.
By the end of last year, JCAHO had certified 61 stroke centers and was in the process of reviewing another 68 applications.
Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification recognizes those hospitals that have state-of-the-art infrastructure, staff and training to receive and treat patients with the most complex strokes.
This is the second consecutive year that the award has been given to South Nassau, which recently earned The Joint Commission's Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers.
Not every hospital or stroke center has the facilities, staff or resources to provide complete care for every stroke patient, but many hospitals and health authorities are collaborating to establish regional stroke-treatment networks to be sure that even the most complex cases are rapidly transferred to a center with the needed level of care.
The American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) has awarded West Virginia University Hospitals' Stroke Center its Get With The Guidelines- Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award for its commitment and success in continued excellent care for stroke patients.
But if you wake up with stroke symptoms and are unable to pinpoint when the symptoms started, you should still get to a stroke center as soon as possible.