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By stroke of good luck to the anglers, the two reefs are aligned in that direction, allowing for a double-dip of fishing on each consecutive drift.
It looks like the couple had a stroke of good luck too.
A stroke of good luck is forecast in connection with a business matter.
But there's a stroke of good luck for Becky tonight when she gets a job at the Bistro.
The virtual water trade isn't the result of strategic planning: it is, Allan admits, largely 'invisible' and 'silent' and really just a stroke of good luck.
By the stroke of good luck and divine design, the name of the mighty river is available.
Instead, in a stroke of good luck, Johnny was banished from the school and sent to Shingwauk in Sault Ste.
Then came a stroke of good luck when they arrested two Chinese men in a car on an unrelated matter and found a large bag in the boot of their car containing cannabis.
A sigh of relief was followed quickly by us marvelling at our stroke of good luck.
Cisse's goal came in first-half injury-time and, in truth, owed much to a stroke of good luck for Sunderland.
This proved to be their only stroke of good luck and before the interval Colwyn struck twice from set pieces.
This may actually prove a stroke of good luck for the yen as traders will be able to reconsider its sharp plunge over the previous two weeks and come up with a reasonable argument to label it a safe haven.