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A stroke of good luck -- finding a suitcase full of cash -- turns lethal for Sam Phelan (Hemsworth) and his wife Leslie (Profeta) when the sinister criminal Pyke Kubic (Bean) arrives at their doorstep, looking to collect what he believes is his.
Then came a stroke of good luck when they arrested two Chinese men in a car on an unrelated matter and found a large bag in the boot of their car containing cannabis.
A sigh of relief was followed quickly by us marvelling at our stroke of good luck.
Cisse's goal came in first-half injury-time and, in truth, owed much to a stroke of good luck for Sunderland.
This proved to be their only stroke of good luck and before the interval Colwyn struck twice from set pieces.
With 20 minutes remaining, what seemed like a stroke of good luck for City inadvertently turned against them.
This may actually prove a stroke of good luck for the yen as traders will be able to reconsider its sharp plunge over the previous two weeks and come up with a reasonable argument to label it a safe haven.
Westwood's 68 owed something to a stroke of good luck, though.
But in this particular moment, with Dunleavy beaming about the Clippers' stroke of good luck and Camby's talents as a defender, shot-blocker and passer, he was feeling a little of something else.
It's been a stroke of good luck for the boys, but bad luck for Wendy and the band all feel sorry for her.
Union Hall owner Jack McFadden said even he was surprised by his stroke of good luck picking a location.