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A DEHYDRATED newt had a stroke of luck when it crawled into the regional headquarters of Natural England.
He will be looking to get a nice tow round from the in-form and early paced Suirview Impact, and should Stroke Of Luck negotiate the opening couple of bends unscathed, there really should be no excuses.
A stroke of luck in 57 minutes saw Vale level, Graeme Rodger's cross flicking off the boot of Chisholm before looping home.
They only want excellent marks, without any hard work; even their success is a stroke of luck.
But Blues substitute Phillips enjoyed a stroke of luck in injury-time as a Bacary Sagna clearance looped off him and over Arsenal 'keeper Manuel Almunia to level the score at 1-1.
Katrina, who used to have a proper job, said she was living proof of how "one stroke of luck can make your wildest dreams a reality".
This killer managed to shoot a woman in broad daylight in a suburban street without a sound and escape undetected - that was no stroke of luck, that was meticulous and careful planning.
Last night, a spokesman for Bashir said: "Martin is seeing it as a stroke of luck that he had a knock because doctors have discovered the tumour.
Those who actually win a spot on the Galaxy roster by some stroke of luck are reminded to never look Beckham directly in the eye.
Twenty-something Milan, still living with her parents, is president of his fan club and in a stroke of luck, manages to get a job as his publicist.
In the early 1970s, Larry Fine of the Three Stooges published an autobiography, Stroke of Luck, a book filled with typos and other major problems that were the fault of the publisher.
In a stroke of luck, DFB's costume mistress had some of the most elaborate costumes with her for repairs when Katrina stuck.