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In the first run the Well Stroker XXS latched the slickline tool, which was latched onto the setting tool, and began pulling.
Prior to this position, Stroker was a Sales Associate at a retail hot rod parts supplier where he sold and provided technical support for custom hot rod parts installation.
The Stroker 785L can identify substances by optically probing the inherent molecular vibrational fingerprints through measurement of the laser-induced amplitude and frequency shift of the scattered light.
Stroker came in with a tremendous haul of 42 points which, added to Sharp's 37, gave them a winning total of 79, eight ahead of their nearest rivals, and also brought Stroker the individual prize.
Stroker says that all three organizations have a tradition of working closely together on numerous issues of mutual interest.
Cerwin-Vega Mobile amplifiers are available in both Stroker and Vega series but both utilize the same design so you can mix and match them in the same system and not worry about looking out of place.
Stroker, a 28-year industry veteran and former Complex Manager for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, has joined the firm as a Regional Director.
6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Actress Ali Stroker says she, "may be the first actress in a wheelchair in American Musical Theatre to have a leading role in a professional musical.
The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company will auction a 450 horsepower small block Chevy 383 stroker V8 donated for charity by the Engine Factory during the fourth annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Event.