strong aversion

See: odium
References in classic literature ?
A generous nature is not prone to strong aversions, and is slow to admit them even dispassionately; but when it finds ill-will gaining upon it, and can discern between-whiles that its origin is not dispassionate, such a nature becomes distressed.
With an addiction to mobile and digital services, a voracious appetite for rewards programs and strong aversion to fees, Gen Y has left many financial institutions scratching their heads.
The comments section of the poll showed a strong aversion to honking among UAE residents.
The bank substantially hiked overnight borrowing and lending rates, which helped stabilize the falling lira at the time; however, the bank's subsequent rate cuts have failed to satisfy Erdoy-an, who is well known for his strong aversion to high interest rates.
These people may not be fervent supporters of President Vladimir Putin but still may like some of his government's policies such as their strong aversion to homosexual rights.
Fixed annual hospital budgets: The public Canadian health care system is funded through annual fixed budget allocations for hospitals, resulting in a strong aversion to high upfront costs.
And for half a million francophone Quebecers, this credibility reawakened a strong aversion to embarking once again on the adventure of a referendum.
KABUL (PAN): Voicing his strong aversion to federalism in Afghanistan, the Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan chief on Tuesday asked his supporters to spare non-combatants.
Even if you have a strong aversion to 'chick flicks', you may find yourself getting swept along by this touching story.
The researchers also tested a subset of participants who had a strong aversion to spiders.
It is also clear that executives have a strong aversion to involuntarily deferred or otherwise illiquid pay.
Out West, there is a strong aversion in the deer hunting brotherhood against shooting female deer, even where buck-to-doe ratios are a mess and balance is badly needed.