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Customers can turn an existing tape library into a NAS for nearline and archive storage, or use StrongBox VM as a gateway to replicate data off-site or to the cloud with no local tape required.
Joshua Patel, of Strongbox Theatre, believes it will be a great opportunity to showcase the company.
Giant Strongbox director Mark McAllister told the court that the firm would not have employed him had it known about his past criminal conviction or lack of qualifications.
To be eligible for a license, applicants must complete an accredited training course, pass a police background check, install a safe or strongbox for storage, and prove that they need a gun.
No matter what types of security measures are taken, ultimately some sort of lock must placed on the door, cabinet or strongbox protecting a company's valuables.
Exide said the products include the StrongBox and Hibernator brands for off-road applications as well as the new Performance brand, geared toward all-terrain and light-duty automotive applications.
Allegedly "robbery-preventive" strongbox receives unrecorded receipts.
Three men on Tuesday robbed a strongbox containing about 40 million yen in cash from a taxi company office in Musashino, Tokyo after tying a 68-year-old security guard with adhesive tape, the police said.
That's when the pre-bombing briefings start and the squadron's strongbox is opened and they are handed a pistol, live ammunition, encrypted codes for cockpit communications and a ``blood chit'' for use as a last-ditch bargaining chip if they are shot down and lucky enough to survive.
Even the strongbox where Secretary Fajardo hid his embezzled money was purchased with DE funds, according to the newspaper
Binion, a self-confessed heroin addict with links to the mafia, hired contractor Tabish to build a strongbox for his fortune.
In February last year, he withdrew $5 million in silver coins and bars from the casino vault and had it buried in a 10ft by 10ft strongbox under a car park on the main street of Pahrump, 60 miles west of Las Vegas.