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By sheer stubbornness he had at last established it.
But while they are exterminating the Dusarians, countless thousands of their own warriors must perish--and all because of the stubbornness of a single woman who would not wed the prince who loves her.
In vain I expressed my sorrow; in vain I lingered for some symptom of contrition; she really 'didn't care,' and I left her alone, and in darkness, wondering most of all at this last proof of insensate stubbornness.
Remember that I have your son--if you chance to hear the agonized wail of a tortured child it may console you to reflect that it is because of your stubbornness that the baby suffers--and that it is your baby.
Her reply to reason, sometime spoken aloud in sudden defiance, recalled the Spartan stubbornness of her sire in the face of certain annihilation: "I still live
Indeed it were plain that thou be a De Montfort; that race whose historic bravery be second only to their historic stubbornness.
Instead, it was based upon the inherent stubbornness of his nature and his dislike to give over an attempted task.
To a certain extent she had found his clay plastic, then it had developed stubbornness, declining to be shaped in the image of her father or of Mr.
I am referrun' tull her wucked-headed an' vucious stubbornness.
It is the tradition that he died of starvation in solitary confinement, and this harsh treatment is explained as having been caused by his uncompromising stubbornness and his fiery and tactless hatred for all men that served the despotism.
Marilla saw something remarkably like unyielding stubbornness looking out of Anne's small face.
If he will not come, we will dig him out of his hole, like a fox, and conquer his stubbornness.