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Stubby likes them violent "with loads of shagging," while Cecil has a more refined understanding of film.
ComCyl (R) antennas use no extra components to make them work and are better performing and less expensive than their stubby counterparts.
Cecil and Stubby will hand over the prestigious (and heavy) Tossers trophy to a number of celebrities in the following categories: "Best Performance by a Rack in an Unsupported Role," "Most Pathetic Casting in a Major Motion Picture," "The Biggest Hollywood Fluff Job," "Best On Screen Shagging," and "Best Hetero Performance by an Alleged Poufdah.
Black and stubby, just a huge engine sprouting modified delta wings, the D-21 was built during the 1960s and kept secret during its entire service life.
It is a stubby molecule drawn from the structure of urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA), a key molecule involved in tumor angiogenesis and tumor metastasis.
We're moving into the 21st century and everyone else is going to leave us standing here holding our stubby pencils.
In the current IronWare release, network administrators can configure a third type of OSPF area, Not So Stubby Area (NSSA).
Sit-on-tops range from short, stubby ``surf skis'' to thin, 20-foot-long open-ocean rockets.
The model features a truncated bed, stubby bonnet and is available with front-wheel-drive platform shared by the Odyssey minivan and the Pilot crossover.
World War I Centennial Commission (WWICC) to tell the story of Stubby, the famous Boston Bull Terrier who fought in the First World War.
Stubby feathers stipple the ancient birds' bodies, except for on the lower legs.
We measured the wing aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the wing's length to its breadth or chord," said Lentink, who led the probe, "and saw that hummingbirds have a stubby aspect wing ratio, whereas helicopters, for example, have a slender one, which performs really well with low angles of attack, when the wings or blades are more horizontal to the ground.