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40) Such was its advantage that within a year it was being noted that many of those on bursaries had transferred to the studentship scheme.
In FY1997, the AHFMR received 182 applications for full-time studentships, as compared to 276 in FY2000 and 307 in FY2001.
One of Tenovus' proudest achievements is the early career research scientists we have helped to support and train through our PhD studentship funding programme which have benefited close to 200 students.
The new institution shared the philosophy of the McNairs' own initial studentship back in Glasgow: a multi-disciplinary approach and a commitment to the unity of various artistic crafts.
Twenty-one students from the university and the technical college have received grants totalling just over pounds 6,000 from the Tinker Fisher Studentship.
4) In 1992, observers noted a disquieting recent trend whereby research studentship awards to economic and social historians declined while the total number of grants increased; and the struggle for resources continued.
OTCBB:NVEI) today announced that Alberto Fernandes has been awarded the New Visual studentship at the University of Cambridge.
I HAVE followed the media frenzy about various elements of the Chancellor's new budget and the one area in particular that seems to have attracted a deal of comment is the change being made to the financial support given to some students, whereby they will need to take out repayable loans to fund their period of studentship.
Despite coming under intense pressure to conform to the artistic fashions of the day, David's passion for his work won through and he gained a recommendation for studentship at the Royal College of Art in London.
WELSH cancer charity Tenovus will fund a PhD studentship to start next month.
Totalling a significant pounds 68,000, the awards are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and include one research preparation masters studentship in fine art, three professional preparation masters studentships across design and fine art and one doctoral studentship in design.

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