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The studentships complement the charity's annual research grant round, which in 2015 will offer up to 170,000 [pounds sterling] over a three-year period.
After completing this stage of studentship one was expected to enter the next stage which was the stage of 'Grahastha' (the stage of married family life).
At the conclusion of their studentship, Triform residents choose a single area at the community where they will embark on a three-year apprenticeship.
The University management turning a new page in the campaign to suppress students, has so far suspended the studentship of several (comrades) students including (comrade) Student Union Leader for periods ranging from a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years three months", the pro-JVP union alleged.
Thankfully there are a few studentship and scholarship programmes available, and these will not only cover the costs of fees but also offer the student a stipend for other costs (including living allowances, travel, etc.
The annual election runs for the representatives of the studentship of Ulm University have to be operated in a way that it cannot be tracked, who is electing how often.
Training opportunities were opened up for students who did not have university or higher technological qualifications and a studentship scheme was introduced in 1955.
This work was supported by AstraZenca and a Natural Environment Research Council Studentship (NER/S/C/1999/0453) awarded to H.
Thus he became "one of the leading Cambridge undergraduate communists," came to edit the undergraduate weekly Granta, and in the end "got a starred first in the Tripos," earning him a postgraduate studentship.
Hobsbawm crisply and clearly outlines these features of his early life on the continent, his undergraduate education at King's College, Cambridge, which culminated in his election to the exclusive club, the Apostles, a starred first in history and an appointment to a research studentship, his 'empty' war service--he was not used, he grumbles, by the intelligence services, and his subsequent career as an academic historian.
As part of the KT Challenge award, Transitive has also been given an EPSRC-funded CASE studentship worth [pounds sterling]60,000.
Justice Adeyeye ruled that EKSU was wrong to have terminated the studentship of the plaintiff without trial, and ordered the university to allow him to continue his studies without further delay.

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