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Jan is completing her doctoral studentship at Royal Holloway, University of London, under the supervision of Professor Felix Driver.
Applications for studentships must be submitted by the applicant's lead supervisor by November 21.
The institution will also offer 20 studentships for its Industrial Masters programme and the students will receive fee grants and bursaries worth [pounds sterling]1,250 ($2,050, E1,493) per month.
The Trust provided annual studentships at Christ's Hospital in perpetuity for the education, maintenance and clothing of boys or girls whose fathers or mothers, of any rank, need help in educating their children.
The PTC in York currently offers 13 industrial Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) studentships with universities in the UK.
High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales has announced seven funded PhD studentships as part of its collaboration with Fujitsu.
Aston University These include Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, where someone works on a company problem, with support from an academic expert, CASE Studentships, where a student works for a PhD in collaboration with a company, and collaborative research projects where a company pays directly for expertise from the university.
They jointly explored on the possibilities for academic collaboration to facilitate Students / Faculty Exchange, Joint Research, Degree Programmes, split-sites studentships and cultural links.
A pounds 5 million investment will fund up to 125 new research studentships and bursaries has been launched at Bangor University.
If Shoppers Drug Mart needs workers it should train them by subsidizing studentships at Canadian or South African schools of pharmacy.
The program will focus initially on supporting graduate studentships, research fellowships, and clinical research fellowships for trainees working with Alberta-based investigators.
The course was designed specifically for bonded recipients of teaching studentships who had not obtained the required number of university passes to retain their financial assistance.