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Training opportunities were opened up for students who did not have university or higher technological qualifications and a studentship scheme was introduced in 1955.
For example, the AHFMR has a Health Trainee Advisory Committee (concerned with applications in the fields of population health, behavioral research, and other non-biomedical health sciences), a Studentship Advisory Committee (concerned with applications in the fields of the biomedical sciences), and two Fellowship Advisory Committees.
The funding, which equates to 200 new studentships, will allow for innovative postgraduate support, including the development of broader skills such as partnership working and language skills, and experience in working outside academia through industry and international placements.
Totalling a significant pounds 68,000, the awards are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and include one research preparation masters studentship in fine art, three professional preparation masters studentships across design and fine art and one doctoral studentship in design.
HIGH Performance Computing (HPC) Wales has announced six new funded PhD studentships in computational science at Welsh universities.
See website or phone for details of educational courses, teacher resources, studentships, weddings, banquets and so much more.
The funding will also enable several postgraduate studentships and a new undergraduate programme in British and Irish Politics to be launched next year.
The money will establish an innovative training programme to fund 10 PhD studentships over the next five years.
The Richard Whipp Studentships will provide support for post-graduate research students.
All proceeds from the Paradise Ball will be split between HDRA and Geoff Hamilton's New Gardeners' Foundation, which supports studentships at his old college, Writtle in Essex.
There will also be the opportunity for joint academic appointments, internships, studentships and PhD and postdoctoral places.
Elsevier believes linking analytics and scientific content is one of the key enablers to better serve scientists and the company will fund research and studentships through the new Institute, offering exciting new opportunities to research the analysis, use and storage of big data.