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The clientele used to be quite studenty but it has got more and more varied and now we've got clients in their 50s.
Chris Baker is another studenty type currently living in Edinburgh, though he's originally from Devon, and his Big Idea is to get visitors to his website (www.
Popular with celebs such as studenty type Peter out of Fame Academy and also that Alex that I don't like with the spiky hair.
Yes it's bright, it's airy, it's comfortable in a flush studenty type of way, it's a place to eat, drink and make merry or snuggle up and muse Beatnik style.
If you can manage to pace yourself, and if you're not too skint after eating out, check out Astro - a smart club playing the latest tunes and boasting a glass dancefloor; Sirkus - a beatnik, eccentric bohemian shack of a bar with a studenty atmosphere; and Spotlight - the town's busiest nightclub with a large gay following.
At the top end you have a young, studenty drinking crowd, the middle is still being redeveloped, and the bottom is very much business orientated.
I think the moment I hit graduation was the moment I started disliking students and their studenty ways.
All my outfits were very studenty, jeans and t-shirts.