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127) Whereas Augustine views studiousness as a positive application of the intellect in overcoming the body's resistance to the quest for knowledge, Aquinas considers this secondary.
In sum, 10 years of official studiousness has produced little more than a faux vindication of the present structure and strategy coupled with a growing uneasiness that two key concepts, "transformation" and "homeland defense," have yet to be addressed substantively, let alone comprehensively.
However, it is clear from Brown's study of the humanist portrait of Cosimo that many humanists expounded on Cosimo's wisdom and studiousness, including Donato Acciaiuoli, Bartolomeo Scala, and even Alamanno Rinuccini (the auth or of an anti-Medicean dialogue).
What is remarkable about Leon Wieseltier's Kaddish - both as a book and as a publishing phenomenon - is its mix of studiousness, irony, passion, and sheer randomness: it returns to a time when scholarship, love, and philosophical reflection were undivided.
Men, not wanting to appear "effeminate," deserted their former values of quietness and studiousness and sought to become "Muscle Jews.
Informing students that such matters will be addressed by e-mail can save these precious minutes and contribute to an atmosphere of studiousness in class.
It also has an engaging muscularity, acting as an armature for both studiousness and sociability, capable of absorbing and nurturing the extremes of student life.
studiousness, intelligence), as well as indirectly more "visible" ones (e.
Reading lamps with compact fluorescent bulbs and specular reflectors provide good-quality reading and working light and even add an air of studiousness to the environment.
It is this studiousness and circumspection that rankle the agency's critics.
I'm struck by the studiousness of everyone in the room.
I'm particularly impressed with their Chinese proficiency and studiousness," Wu said.