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He said the NBF service in this way is very important in persuasion of people to read the books and love to study book.
Many registered environmental health specialists (REHS) either took Kimura's preparedness course or used his study book to help them pass California's REHS exam.
The award also coincided with the publication of AIB-Mena's third volume of the case study book 'Actions and Insights Middle East North Africa -- East Meets West'.
A few churches have used it as a study book, and people have found it a good source of spiritual fellowship and an excellent discussion starter.
Around One Log: Chipmunks, Spiders, and Creepy Insiders" is a children's nature study book about the creatures who live in the habitat of a fallen, rotting log.
MADE TO CRAVE: SATISFYING YOUR DEEPEST DESIRE WITH GOD, NOT FOOD pairs a six-session DVD with a study book directed to any who have unhealthy eating habits and who want to use a new relationship with God to break bad cycles.
A recently elected Houston judge has decided to stop his practice of allowing defendants to read a Bible study book in exchange for avoiding community service.
When I was studying for the exam there was no such study book available and so I had to struggle through in my preparation not knowing what to expect.
In the process of recovering and analyzing this early modern bookish culture the first step was to study book production.
Earnestly heralded in this memoir for their attempts in racial reconciliation were The Lone Bridge: Dr Guy Bellamy (mission study book, 1957); the Woman's Missionary Union; the SBC's Home Mission Board; the Baptist World Alliance (since 1976); and the 1995 SBC Resolution on Racial Reconciliation, which outlined Southern Baptist apologies for previous wrongs.
As a study book for Christian teens and adults, this book will probably be helpful as it does not go into detail about scientific terms or expect much more in the way of background knowledge than a basic education provides.
This is a very effective initial study book on leadership especially for those who understand themselves as powerless or without gifts and abilities.