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Sixty patients were selected from Orthodontics department de,Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, Pakistan and pre and post distalization lateral cephalograms and study casts were used as evaluation tools.
A convenient sampling was done and 107 study casts were selected randomly out of 150 study casts.
The finding from a large French prospective cohort study casts a new light on the usual concern about the immunosuppressive effect of thiopurine, Dr.
The NFU said the "thorough and authoritative" study casts doubt on the assumption that the UK's food security is guaranteed.
It is used extensively to communicate the status, wealth and power of the wearer, and as the display in the new V&A Jewellery Gallery shows, its study casts light on political, social and economic events.
A new study casts fascinating light on the age-old stigma associated with being left-handed.
Others said the study casts a spotlight on the need for organizations to seek new methods to lure volunteers.
A new RAND Corporation study casts doubt on that claim, finding that a relatively small amount of U.
Most importantly, this study casts new light on the "horizon of expectations" of early modern theater audiences and on how they and the organizers drew meaning from these "events.
Second, this study casts an insightful light on a black congregation within a predominantly white denomination.
While one of baseball's greatest books, Mike Sowell's The Pitch That Killed: Carl Mays, Ray Chapman, and the Pennant Race of 1920 (1989), deals with Carl Mays's fatal beaning of Ray Chapman in the midst of the closest three-team pennant race since 1908, Cottrell's study casts a wider net.

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