study deeply

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We must earnestly study deeply, closely associate with practice, carefully organize arrangements, step up publicity and guidance, persistently take the lead, take the lead above the rate, set an example, take the lead in learning.
Yet Fatal Revolutions is a study deeply informed by the black Atlantic routes of Paul Gilroy's work, showing how those routes were also the purveyors of white elite print culture.
If we study deeply into the matter, we will find many criminals who become beggars and priests after committing hideous crimes.
In May Iberia acknowledged that the TPG-led consortium had "shown interest in analyzing the information requested formerly by TPG as soon as possible" and stated its board had decided "to study deeply the proposal in the next meeting.
With La regenta Clarin hoped to open up those areas which no one had revealed before about Spanish society and to study deeply the soul of the characters therein.

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