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The authors of this study systematically reviewed the evidence for benefit and safety of daily iron supplementation in children aged 4 - 23 months.
This study systematically investigated and compared hormonal changes of women taking Pycnogenol[sup.
This study systematically evaluated the bioactivities of phenolic compounds in rabbiteye blueberries and assessed their potential antiproliferation and apoptosis induction effects using two colon cancer cell lines, HT-29 and Caco-2.
In order to be used as a desk reference guide, the report summarises each study systematically on a single page.
A new study systematically reviews and updates the evidence underlying the recommendation in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 to consume a diet low in energy density (ED).
This study systematically reviewed published prospective population based studies, carried out a meta analysis to assess whether the global evidence supports a relationship between either short or long duration of sleep and all cause mortality, and obtained a quantitative estimate of the risk to assess the consistency and potential public health relevance.
Our study systematically compared people with knee-disarticulation amputations to people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations in terms of pain, pain-related interference, and prosthesis use.
This study systematically investigated the effects of various tissue physical properties contributing to human tactile sensation of facial tissue.
Farnsworth and Lichter provide important insight into a phenomenon often difficult to study systematically, largely because presidential elections only come around every four years.
The availability of such well-defined atomic clumps may make it possible to study systematically how the physical and chemical characteristics of clusters depend on the number of atoms present.
There's a lack of approaches to deciphering how circuits work, to study systematically how they function in live brains.
They discovered a geometric intermediary that seems to encompass key aspects of both classical and quantum mechanics, supplying a framework within which to study systematically the way classical behavior emerges from quantum dynamics.

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