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What does the future hold for Baham's African American Sexuality and for Melendez' desire to see more people of color studying and researching sexuality?
This fourth instrument was a subscale (8 items) of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ), time and study environment management, which measured preservice teachers' judgments of how they keep up with their studying schedules, spend time on studying for target course exams or set aside time and place to study (Pintrich et al.
Basic researchers have used clinical and neurochemical observations from humans to develop of animal models of schizophrenia and are now studying some of the exposures implicated in epidemiology using the same techniques.
Clearly a model of how delay arises is useful in studying what is undoubtedly not a unitary phenomenon.
The Project is studying these differences to see if certain characteristics predispose individuals for criminal conduct.
This 3-year mission includes three spectrometers, two of them studying high- and low-energy X rays from solar flares.
In studying food, researchers have a choice between using animals and humans.
However, the majority approximately 85 percent) of persons at the time of onset of their injury were relatively youthful and were employed or studying.
This collaborative study serves as an important model for studying unanticipated adverse events of drugs after they are approved for the marketplace and is designed to compliment to existing post-marketing surveillance programs.
This strategy of broadly studying exposure without an identified health outcome is atypical in public health studies--perhaps because health officials are uncomfortable dealing with the uncertain action implications of reporting on exposure without an established tie to health--but it has received strong scientific and public interest (e.
Many discussions and studies have been published on the difficulties that non-native English-speaking students encounter while studying at American universities and using American academic libraries (Wayman, 1984; Ball & Mahoney, 1987; Macdonald & Sarkodie-Mensah, 1988; Allen, 1993; Jiao & Onwuegbuzie, 1997; Zoe & DiMartino, 1996; Onwuegbuzie & Jiao, 1997; Liu & Redfern, 1997).
Besides studying the feasibility of secession, the study represents the first time the city of Los Angeles has had such a comprehensive portrait of its assets and departments.