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Overall, there is a great deal of variability of findings that is unsurprising given the varied nature of sampling, methodology, and measurement employed in studying patient delay in cancer.
While studying family influence, Project researchers will interview children, their parents, and other caregivers.
Along with Japan's Geotail, launched in 1992, and several other satellites slated for liftoff later this year, SOHO will join a flotilla of craft studying the sun's influence on Earth.
The RFA did not, however, specifically call for an investment in exposure assessment, although the lack of such methods is a significant barrier to studying EDCs (Rudel et al.
LAFCO officials said they were still studying whether the commission has to power to force an agreement on the two cities.
1991) Studying Information technology ill organizations: Research approaches and assumptions.
For example, college students in one experiment prepared for a recognition test by studying a word list.
studying day-specific conception rates, each subject being her own control) but raises serious problems with external validity.