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The Sultan, noticing that his favourite dish of cucumber was placed before him, proceeded to help himself to it, and was amazed to and that the stuffing was of pearls.
Nevertheless, the old man disputed the books with her, and, raising an uproar, carried off as many of them as he could-- stuffing his pockets full, and even filling his hat.
It was so far a description of himself that he had the feet of an Elephant: but the rest of him was skin and bone: and the wisps of loose straw, that bristled all about him, suggested that he had been originally stuffed with it, and that nearly all the stuffing had come out.
has he not been stuffing you with his confounded mushes, just in the way they treat swine before they kill them?
At the moment, I was stuffing the crumpled bank-notes into my pockets and collecting all the gold that was left on the table.
said the man-o'war's man, stuffing his pipe; and Harvey had another mystery of the deep sea to brood upon.
I asked myself peevishly, taking a clean handkerchief out of the drawer and stuffing it in my pocket.
Summerlee was sitting up and stuffing some tobacco into his old briar.
But for the happy chance of the gold stuffing, your suspicions would probably never have been aroused.
She took off the thick boots in which she had walked thus far, put on her pretty thin ones of patent leather, and, stuffing the former into the hedge by the gatepost where she might readily find them again, descended the hill; the freshness of colour she had derived from the keen air thinning away in spite of her as she drew near the parsonage.
Chick, out of the profundity of his artfulness, preferring "veal and ham and French beans--and don't you forget the stuffing, Polly" (with an unearthly cock of his venerable eye), Mr.
They sometimes bear you," said Raffles, slipping on a pair of white kid gloves, and stuffing his handkerchief into the palm of one.