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To combat frustration and stultification, the banned Western sources of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic life, and of free information should be made available.
Though Elizabeth ultimately succeeds in finding this inner light, McGahern ends the novel with a dual focus; during the same lamp lighting ritual that opened the novel, Reegan battles inner "bitterness and contempt" (232) that suggest the continuing enclosure and stultification within the barracks.
Podhoretz in fact constellates the leftist critique of bourgeois insularity and stultification, a critical vocabulary of alienation, and what he calls--with the help of the same biologist framework that will inform Wisse's keyword "the Jewish polity"--"assimilationism" with an anti-Semitism whose inevitable outcome is genocide.
Their stultification was inevitable in racially segregated areas where state planning was pervasive, where few Africans were granted trading licences, and where Indian shop owners benefited both from restrictions on African business and from the racial legislation which prevented penetration by white businessmen (Hart and Padayachee 2000: Krige 2011, Kuper 1965: 76, 261-89; Seekings and Nattrass 2005: 142).
Loss of depth signifies suppression and stultification of the right hemisphere and should be taken as a warning for the future of civilization.
The stultification of a yearning to explore and express the transcendent and to dramatize moral potential through extreme situations produced work after work that focused on the immediate and the obvious.
Even a United Nations determination in favor of partition would be, in the absence of such consent, a stultification and violation of UN's own charter.
While her upbringing instilled in Judith support for a natural elite, it also left her with a life-long sense of intellectual stultification.
Some call it simplification, others stultification.
Realising this, says Ranciere, allows 'the jumbled categories of the pedagogical act to be sorted out, and explicative stultification to be precisely defined.
He fears that such a canon would dominate print and keep out new writers and so produce even greater mental stultification than the Undying One's autocratic rule.