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These accounts often capture how quickly people are humbled by the experience of being outdoors, susceptible to the inhabitants and surroundings they might stumble across.
Here you can meander down quaint lanes to stumble across spaghetti joint here, art gallery there; and there's a real museum thrown in.
We were lucky enough to stumble across the Main Bridewell and undertook a free guided tour of the old Victorian premises.
Walking along any city street, you're likely to stumble across some stinky garbage.
They believe the atoll to be deserted, but then Arnie disappears--and in searching for him, they stumble across the other inhabitants of the island, and their ordeal turns into a nightmare.
Beaumont said that he was thrilled with the way the expedition had worked and hoped that the Ascot management might stumble across equivalent exotic runners for next year's meeting.
Or you might stumble across so many potential BFFs that you're back to square one.
Aiyana Elliott's documentary about her demi-legend of a folksinger father, The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack (which opens nationally this month), is the kind of plainspoken memoir-cum-biography you might stumble across on PBS some uneventful night and gradually get caught up in, the rhythms of its unspooling anecdotes seducing you against your will.
Every once in a while I stumble across a piece of gear that's great not just for shooters, but for any outdoorsman.