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Princesse, au revoir," cried he, stumbling with his tongue as well as with his feet.
followed by a crow, as from some infernally-hatched Chanticleer, apprising him under whose victorious fire he stands, he turns the corner into safety, and takes Durdles home: Durdles stumbling among the litter of his stony yard as if he were going to turn head foremost into one of the unfinished tombs.
And she saw Daisy thereafter, through days of alkali and heat, walking, stumbling, in the dust of the wagons, the little sick dog, like a baby, in her arms.
One major post-Rampart stumbling block is that it is more difficult to secure a search warrant now, detectives said.
More controversy arose when former two-time national champ Michael Weiss had difficulty with three jumps - falling once, touching the ice with his hand another time and stumbling near the end - but still climbed two spots in the standings to finish third.
The bay gelding was stumbling, wounded and frightened near Canoga Avenue and the Ronald Reagan Freeway, said Animal Control Officer Frank Frias.
After stumbling for a few years, Granada Hills rolled off an undefeated season and a City Section quarterfinals appearance under returning coaches Darryl Stroh and Tom Harp.
THE LAUSD is like a Cyclops with vision problems, stumbling around in the light of day and groping for answers.
May 15 - Bradley is arrested by Ventura police on suspicion of violating probation after he is found, stumbling and reeking of alcohol, on a Ventura street corner.
In the next few days, you'll be seeing a lot of us stumbling through the malls - looking like that scene from ``Invasion of the Body Snatchers'' where Kevin McCarthy runs down the street screaming, ``They're here, they're here
To cheer up the person, Harris told jokes about stumbling around the house and crashing into things.
The first time he stumbles across most of the population he's literally stumbling across them because they're lying with a knife or a bullet hole in them.