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As the Texas justices note, case law on the use of stun belts on defendants in court is slim, if only because outrageous uses of stun belts in courts are rare.
Across the state, 610 people were involved in police stun gun incidents last year and 419 of them received an electrical shock.
Being shocked by a stun gun is certainly a painful experience.
Wallace accuses the SJC of being "out of touch'' and refusing to acknowledge the Second Amendment as a civil right, as do 42 states in the country that have no restriction on stun guns.
The lairage design was such that animals taken from the holding pen could either be placed in the crowd pen, and then enter the single file race to the regular stun box, or be placed into a crowd pen leading to a short race into the emergency slaughter facility.
In the past there were problems with people travelling and attempting to bring weapons like stun guns and flick-knives back into the country.
Stun guns should not be used for fun as they may pose a real danger to people's lives, especially those with heart disease who could die because of an electric shock, he said.
As the security crisis deepens, the demand for stun guns rises, "said the man, who wanted to be identified only as Emad.
Iain Criddle, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court: "In a bag on the front passenger seat they recovered a stun gun and in a black holdall on the rear seat they found cannabis.
The stun device, which cost less than EUR80, is completely outlawed under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act.
Pupils at the school reportedly claimed that the boy chased his fellow students with the stun gun during lunchtime, zapping three of his classmates.