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An HM Revenue and Customs spokesman said: 'We are very much alive to the risk of illegal imports of stun guns
Despite the confiscation of these parts Hart's father, Anthony Bendall, was stopped at Birmingham International Airport in January 2004 and more parts to make stun guns were discovered.
Feldman of the police chiefs organization was circumspect about the use of stun belts.
Indeed, being stunned is often a part of the training program for operators of stun technologies.
Warns Allen: "I think what you're going to see is more deaths" from stun weapons.
When offices later found him drinking in the pub, Bowen told them he had found the stun gun inside a caravan that he had bought and he had kept it.
The smuggled stun guns are openly sold on the pavements of Attaba.
The first paragraph of the Eugene Police Department's Taser policy notes that while officials expect stun guns to "result in fewer serious injuries to officers and suspects, it is important to remember that the use of a Taser has the potential to result in serious injury or death.
The stun gun had been examined and it was accepted that it did not work.
They operate as torches but they are stun guns with a two-pronged extension underneath the cap.
Mark Hollier, prosecuting, said there was no 'legitimate' use of stun guns and they were prohibited in the UK under section five of the Firearms Act.
Customs and Excise officers at Seaforth docks have seized 49 stun guns which they uncovered in a container from the Far East.