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ijk] is the proportion of children < 5 years of age stunted in country i, in region j, at level k, where k is 1 if no/mild stunting, 2 if moderate stunting, or 3 if severe stunting; [x.
The UNICEF report indicates that more than half the children in both Afghanistan and Yemeni suffer from stunted growth, causing a vast array of problems and often perpetuating poverty.
Filipinos, who were stunted before 5 years old, are more likely to earn less than those who are not stunted because of lower educational achievement and fewer work opportunities,' Olney said.
The 2012 State of the World's Children report said more than one third of children under five in Asia are stunted too short for their age while 27 percent weigh too little for their age, and 13 percent are wasted, meaning the child's weight is too low for its height as a result of acute malnutrition.
The prevalence of stunted children under five years old in the region in 2015 is 36.
To be a stunted child means that you will not achieve your physical growth potential, but more importantly, you will not achieve your cognitive potential.
Children who are stunted in the first two years of life are more likely to repeat grade levels, drop out of school, delay school entry and have lower income levels when they enter the workforce.