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The stuntman had padding so that must have protected him.
He worked as a stuntman on "How the West Was Won," "The Bridge at Remagen," "McLintock
The stuntman had claimed that he would cover the distance, nearly 120 ft, between the stage and the starting point, within 11 minutes.
ACCIDENT: British stuntman Mark Sutton is seen parachuting into the Olympic Stadium, dressed as James Bond, during the Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony.
A stuntman who was injured on the set of the action movie "Expendables 2" during an October 2011 explosion in Bulgaria is suing for more than USD 25,000, according to a media report.
Summary: A Chinese stuntman has escaped with minor injuries after falling some 200 metres off a tightrope.
The "hanging" featured a stuntman on a rope at Bo'ness railway station and drew some shocked reactions from onlookers.
A STUNTMAN to the stars has helped Sutton's Highbury Theatre add Hollywood action to their upcoming production.
HUNDREDS of people including many young children looked on in horror as a "human cannonball" stuntman plunged to his death at a daredevil show.
A popular Iranian stuntman died near Tehran last week as he was preparing to jump out of a burning bus while on the set of the Iranian television series "Invisible Eyes.
But he's also found that being a stuntman can be a good gig - something to fall back on, so to speak.
Nurbek Bolotov is master of sports in taekwondo, member of StuntmeneCOs Association of Kazakhstan, stuntman in Nomad movie.