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The stuntman had claimed that he would cover the distance, nearly 120 ft, between the stage and the starting point, within 11 minutes.
The October 2011 explosion also killed another stuntman, 26-year-old Kun Liu.
ROPEY Z SITUATION Stuntman hangs from noose at Bo'ness station
But the stuntman, who runs martial arts classes in Birmingham, has helped choreograph a fight scene for the theatre's forthcoming play Humble Boy.
Witnesses estimated that the stuntman had been launched 30 to 40ft into the air by the cannon.
The fatal scene, in which Abadi was a stuntman for actor Bahman Daan, was being filmed in the region of Kan, near Tehran.
But he's also found that being a stuntman can be a good gig - something to fall back on, so to speak.
Nurbek Bolotov is master of sports in taekwondo, member of StuntmeneCOs Association of Kazakhstan, stuntman in Nomad movie.
MILAN: The third car crash in a week during filming for the new James Bond movie has left a stuntman fighting for his life.
It's the fire exit man with his head on fire - a hungover stuntman looking for an exit with his head on fire.
It's really hard right now," said John Meier, who started out as a skiing double and has put in 34 years as a stuntman.
RIVER CITY'S June Brogan was terrified when she had to knock down a stuntman.