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But without these debates, "Michigan" wouldn't be the flawed, practical, perennial utopia that it is and that continues to provide stupefied young women with a new take on how the world could work.
The beauty of women--especially that of his own wife--leaves the king pasmado, speechless, stupefied.
FOOTBALLER Nile Ranger had to get his alleged rape victim "complelely stupefied before he could get his way", a prosecutor told jurors.
London, Aug 30 (ANI): Kim Kardashian and her relatives once left her then would-be-husband Kris Humphries stupefied when they told him that it was not the first time that the celebrity socialite was going to become a wife.
Sufficiently stupefied, we were ready to enter the studio and learn, at long last, what would be the topic of the day.
If that's the best that enlightened private arts patronage teamed with esteemed public museums has to offer, then it's no surprise that everybody has become stupefied.
My students seem so stupefied by someone choosing math as a major.
Muslims were offended, non-Muslims were by and large uninterested, and those few people who went anyway were stupefied.
The last few times we've made love he's been stupefied and he just fades out on me.
Around 60,000 fans sat stupefied as one driver after another raced around the track and then cruised the final few bends to make sure they were slowest in pre-qualifying and therefore first up in qualifying before the rain started.
Nash denied that he had sex with the woman after she was stupefied and that he had subjected her to a systematic beating with his fists.
Depp, who has a home in the Bahamas, said he was "a little stupefied by the notion" of winning awards.