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Gerhard Richter, John Curran [sic] and Kurt Kauper" for still lifes and portraits that are so stupefyingly incompetent that I can't even feel pity for the painter; and had a tony gallerist alert me to the fact that the intriguing recent Cubist-inspired canvas I was standing before had nothing to do with Cubism because, "you know, Cubism's been done.
He was breaking "the media-consumer trance," protesting "our mediated, consumption-driven culture," and boldly showing the way out of "the stupefyingly comfortable patterns we've fallen into.
And the Genelec 1030A ($2,098/pair) is a stupefyingly smooth and wideband performer featuring crossover work, plus decisions as to driver width and baffle smoothness, that gives its radiation pattern an evenness and congruence right up at the B&W 802 or KEF UniQ level.
Marks cites an astonishing array of sources for his examination; his catalog of the extant materials is stupefyingly detailed.
Such details, to use Fried's words, "confer an extra, in a sense gratuitous" degree of "realism" on the images that makes them "simultaneously attract and repel our fascinated gaze," an act of looking at once repulsive and enjoyable producing a conflictedness stupefyingly powerful (1987, 56, 62, 64-65).
It was not just coincidence that the snail darter was in the path of the last dam, or that the last dam did not make economic sense, or that absent the fortuitously strong provisions of the ESA, a stupefyingly stupid project would not have had to face such substantive legal challenge.
His painfully sincere and modishly multicultural utopian fantasies Amelior and Amelior Regained have enjoyed a stupefyingly inexplicable success similar to that of Robert Waller's The Bridges of Madison County.
The wonderful range of wines - stupefyingly cheap in comparison with home -- fresh fruit and fantastic food make for a gourmet's paradise.
I'm not entirely sure whether it's quaintly heartening or stupefyingly inconsequential that football fans should be rowing over the origins of a boat, but since we all remember the days when most football rivalries were sorted out by less cerebral means in motorway service stations, maybe we should treat it as a roadmap to a brighter, friendlier future.
Well, he's not normally incredibly, stupefyingly dull.
However, his latest effort, of June 12, is so stupefyingly muddled, fuddled and ignorant to the facts, that I must reply.
To be fair, the deadpan Mr & Mrs Smith parody is nicely done and there are a couple of inspired moments, but a tendency to drag jokes way past their limited lifespan underlines the dearth of ideas and the fact that, on the whole, for a comedy this is stupefyingly unfunny.