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The album presentation will doubtless take up most of this concert, but there should also be time to drop in a few numbers from other points in Frank's stupefyingly prolific career.
Girl Most Likely is stupefyingly dull, with Matt Dillon wasted as mum's ridiculously named boyfriend, The Bousche.
However, recalling an official in San Diego is a stupefyingly difficult process, involving a limited time span and more than 100,000 signatures of registered city voters.
It's hard to explain to anyone who didn't see it with 1992 eyeballs how stupefyingly shocking Pat Duffy's part in Plan B's Questionable video really was.
Poland, like other stupefyingly stupid countries, lobbies against women's canoeing.
TENSION is failing to mount as the morons play soldiers in the latest stupefyingly dull task.
Anyone hoping for the more accessible theatrical magic of such Brook showpieces as "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Marat/Sade" and "Carmen" is more likely to find it stupefyingly dull.
Factastic: Henson But what could have been a perfectly harmless programme was ruined by an endless succession of stupefyingly banal comparisons.
Socially, too, it was--if McCourt is to be believed, and not all of his compatriots think that he is--a stupefyingly ignorant society, xenophobic and suspicious.
Because American society has become so stupefyingly mediated - its realities reduced to layer upon layer of uncriticized images - it is necessary, more than ever, to place Detroit within its historical and social contexts.
Even those who find parts of it stimulating as I did, often find other courses dull, sometimes stupefyingly So.
Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) tries to figure out why she's so obsessed with Tony, even after one too many threatening outbursts have forced her to drop him as a patient (filmmaker Peter Bogdonavich plays HER shrink, one even more stupefyingly pedantic than she).