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32) Observing that a novel has more leeway than a story may appear stupefyingly obvious, but short fiction in mid-nineteenth-century magazines tends to be elaborately, often laboriously circumstantial.
Stare into the canopy of stupefyingly huge redwoods.
Mr Cameron was lucky back in 2005 that David Davis, the frontrunner for the Tory leadership, blew his chances with a stupefyingly boring speech at the party conference.
But at the same time they have a conception of desire which is stupefyingly naive.
Her concern about residents' views being unheard is stupefyingly selective and on these and other points in her letter, she shows herself to be naive, inexperienced and illinformed.
IN a sport of increasingly hare-brained ideas, it takes something truly special to be so stupefyingly nonsensical.
Aoyagi is so clueless, so passive, so stupefyingly naive that he's neither credible as a hero nor interesting as a protagonist.
Milton could console himself not only with the lines he drew from his stupefyingly disciplined mind but also with the thought that he was following the will of a watchful and omnipotent God.
Either their intelligence operation was stupefyingly woeful or they were so incredibly foolish that they thought they would get away with it.
Where "Climate of Change" falters is in devoting a little too much time to those Indian students, who are stupefyingly articulate but end up repeating their points a few too many times.
This explained the physique of Htoo Moo, he of the silent h and the constant smiling and the never talking to me and the stupefyingly round and hard-looking ass.
If thereAAEs a complaint to be made itAAEs that this stupefyingly expensive sports car never really boils oneAAEs blood.