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tube elongation by stylar tissue, ft has been reported in many inter-
The ovary is formed by three carpels linked at the base, synascidiate, but above this region the bond is not complete, constituting a single, synplicate stylar canal (Figure 6a-d).
In incompletely cleared samples, the degenerated remains of pollen tubes could be distinguished in the stylar canals to the region of the micropyle (Fig.
Thus, the observed decline in numbers of seeds sired by pollen from defoliated shoots could simply reflect higher levels of stylar pollen-tube attrition.
Thus, pollen from the two donors did not have the opportunity to interact on the surface of the stigma, although their pollen tubes converged about 1 cm below the stigma at the base of the stylar branches (Snow and Spira 1991b).
Inversostyly: a new stylar polymorphism in an oil-secreting plant, Hemimeris racemosa (Scrophulariaceae).
Their large stylar lobes are said to mimic the corolla lobes of the male flowers.
These position data provide information about the distance to which pollen tubes can grow in different stylar environments.
These regions are referred to as (1) the stylar end, (2) the middle, and (3) the peduncular end of the ovary.
Waterhouse (1967) noted the presence of three stylar canals in Kingia (Fig.