style of arrangement

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We usually set the trend when it comes to the design or style of arrangement.
For a fuller, more organic style of arrangement, pack two or three flower varieties with interesting textured foliages.
This second section, however, has a much freer style of arrangement than one usually finds in Suetonius.
Candles are commonly used with this style of arrangement for a formal dinner party.
We gain greatest insight into the baroque style of arrangement through flower paintings by the Dutch-Flemish artists of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Contrasting considerably with the European style of arrangement, the oriental style of flower arrangement has also greatly influenced the development of art of floral design.
Having emerged in the mid-19th century in Europe, this traditional style of arrangement incorporates many different flowers and colors.
The oriental style of arrangement originated the use of linear, asymmetrical balance in floral designs.