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Part IV, the final part of the volume, comprises seven chapters directing attention to seven burgeoning and future trends in stylistics, including the interface between stylistics and creative writing (Scott); the literary linguistic research into real readers (Peplow and Carter); the stylistic investigation of film (Toolan); the stylistic analysis of multimodal texts (Norgaard); the stylistic exploration of comics (Forceville, El Refaie, and Meesters); the stylistic approach to hypertext fiction (Trimarco); and, finally, a most futuristic development: research in style, emotion, and neuroscience (Hogan).
5-inch anti-glare touch screen, the STYLISTIC R726 is among the latest generation of powerful tablets that is able to provide enough on-screen real estate for users to focus on content creation.
In addition, leveraging its experience and expertise in Japan, Fujitsu has worked closely with Orange in steadily expanding the market, such as through in-store events, where customers have an opportunity to carefully examine and experience the smartphone's features and benefits, and by deploying specialized in-store tools that convey the benefits of the STYLISTIC S01 in a way that is easy to understand.
The STYLISTIC S01 offers all the power of a smartphone with an ease-of-use that makes it accessible to everyone.
Is this spike in artistic production primarily the result of hominin behaviour, differential preservation due to taphonomic processes, or the manner in which the stylistic framework is implemented?
The Stylistic Q550 also comes with full work day battery runtime and a brilliant anti-glare 10.
Every person's subconscious possesses a "stylistic matrix," a set of stylistic categories that determines the results of its creative endeavors, (19) This matrix is the sum of all the stylistic categories and their influences upon a person's creativity and is composed of four primary factors and an unspecified number of secondary factors.
Instead, Keefe's style history explicates in detailed analyses the intricacies of works traditionally considered as mature as well as those of works considered stylistic oddities, leading to a much-needed reappraisal of the latter.
The period has seen the establishment of new training institutions and venues, a variety of festivals with different stylistic focuses, and the emergence of a young but dedicated dance community.
Defining stylistic properties and then creating computer-aided styling (CAS) tools that can capture and produce those properties was the aim of two research projects funded by the European Commission, FIORES and FIORES-II (www.
Fujitsu Computer Systems has updated its mobile product portfolio with the enhanced LifeBook T4000 and Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PCs.
A fingerprint and stylistic touches uncovered during restoration of a disputed Renaissance masterpiece raises the possibility that it may have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci.