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Deutsche Bank's attempts to collect demolishment and reconstruction costs were stymied when the building's insurers French insurance company AXA SA (AXA) and German insurance company Allianz AG, insisted the building could again be occupied after it was cleaned and repaired.
Stymied by Washington's benign neglect dollar policy, are worried Europeans now turning to the emerging markets?
Simultaneously claimed and stymied, that small area was also meant to represent Thompson's "lost" 1998 gallery, a locus of aesthetic experience, of perception, and even of art itself.
Lack of humidity desiccated the dung and stymied bacterial degradation of the genetic material in the stable environment provided by the surrounding cave.
Practising traditional Catholic teachers are frequently stymied.
Folks who burn compact discs at home as collections of MP3 digital music files are usually stymied when it comes to listening to them easily on the go.
Burton, who heads the House Government Reform Committee, has been stymied by Attorney General Ashcroft's refusal to permit the Committee to review documents concerning decisions by three Clinton-era federal prosecutors not to prosecute officials involved in various scandals.
The palette darkens sharply, along with the film's tone, when Ludo's cross-dressing antics begin to have deeper repercussions within his family, as dad (Jean-Philippe Ecoffey) takes heat from his boss (whose son is the object of Ludo's affections), mom spars with her son's stymied psychiatrist, and brothers bail out altogether when the ostracized Ludo is attacked by their friends.
Heralded by such portentous imagery, the choreographer is stymied from the start, unable to create a single picture as specific or colorful as the text has promised.
Kaskad's approach addresses a number of shortcomings found in other commercially available ESP products that have stymied adoption of this disruptive technology in the capital markets industry.
The company had said it was stymied by a City Council that refused to amend the old Porta Bella plan to suit its needs.
In a stymied bid to lift the siege of Bethlehem, which has been surrounded by Israeli forces, 13 heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem walked up to a check-point in Bethlehem singing hymns before being turned away by Israeli soldiers (N.