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He has neither James Bond's preternatural suavity nor Jason Bourne's visceral butt-kicking skills, but instead anxiously finds his way with patriotic cunning.
Although with the distance of decades some of the partial elements have grown obsolete and come across as somewhat ponderous, Suk's suavity and range of vision, and the orchestra's accuracy and equanimity, are still extraordinary.
Blue- blooded and good looking, with a suavity that was inculcated through education at Winchester and Balliol College, Oxford, Pataudi was the icon Indian cricket needed after the disappointing lows of the 1950s.
Indeed, the rapidity with which he passes from confusion and uncertainty to suavity already implies more of an inward calculation than Homer puts in words when he tells us that the hero deliberates whether to throw himself down and embrace her knees or keep some distance and address her.
According to Arrowsmith, Binyon presided over the cluttered, wood-tabled print room with the sedulous suavity of a "sommelier," surmising what might particularly excite his visitors and maintaining a "running commentary" on his own selections of treasures (124).
A profuse use of sophisticated, high reliability psychometric tools to measure intellectual capacity, emotional, social and spiritual quotients, as well as tests of mechanical reasoning, technological suavity, computing prowess, and creativity is required.
Hur Jin-ho orchestrates an elaborate ensemble with as much suavity as Valmont employs in his sexual stratagems, but in contrast with that repentant rogue, the South Korean helmer's professional calculation never melts into genuine love for his subject.
It would be a test of redheaded suavity, but Jared Huss was in.
Brady has the happy faculty of being attentive without being officious, of possessing suavity without obtrusiveness, and is altogether the right man for the right place," declared a typically flattering story from the 1850s in Frank Leslie's Weekly.
Yet when Cezanne met Manet with Zola at the Cafe Guerbois the two painters didn't get on--Cezanne exaggerated his Provencal accent, distrusting Manet's Parisian suavity.
Few present-day journalists have a detectable, much less unmistakable, prose style; the suavity and piquancy of Hitchens's prose are unmatched among his critical peers.
Dwelling on the spell of the island in a letter dated April 10, he again insists on the suavity of life in Cuba, and he writes, "I find that it requires a greater effort of resolution to sit down to the writing of a long letter in this soft climate, than in the country I have left.