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Non-passivizable are the variants of the verbs in question without an OBJ in their subcategorization frame.
Due, however, to the different morphological scope of both definitions, I have also included in this last group the verbs die and breathe because they also describe, as well as the others, recurrent processes in the behaviour of human beings and allow cognate objects in their subcategorization frames:
Mazurkewich and White (1984) proposed that ditransitive verbs show two subcategorization frames ruled by lexical redundancy: [NP PP] (i.
If a resource was available in both formats, the construction of the citation determined subcategorization when possible.
In its entirety, the album resists subcategorization beyond N.
DNA microarray data have permitted the subcategorization of lymphomas and glioblastomas (38), and alternative-splicing data obtained with microarrays have aided in defining breast cancer subtypes and improving treatment options (39).
lexical units in relation to several grammatical aspects (form and function of clitics, verb subcategorization, verb and idiom argument and adjuncts).
Minor subcategorization changes were made during the coding process.
Subcategorization pattern and lexical meaning of motion verbs: A study of the Source/Goal ambiguity.
Relative to the bona fide speech standard advocated, which merely requires more than a de minimis interest, a more aggressive partitioning of expressive boycotts seems much more difficult to implement, more prone to chilling speech, and open to criticism as arbitrary absent some clear principle justifying a further subcategorization of which speech warrants protection.