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The recommended terminology for anus = AIN 3, HPV-associated squamous lesions of perianus = PAIN 3, and the LAT is LSIL and HSIL, which may penis = PeIN 3 be further classified by the applicable -IN subcategorization.
He posits subcategorization as an essential step: nouns ending in -ez (particularly when -ez is a derivational morpheme denoting 'quality or characteristic of') and in -briz/-briz/-triz are predominantly feminine while all others (-iz, -az, -oz, -uz) are predominantly masculine.
By purveying the nude Other, the magazine developed Western ideas about race, gender, and sexuality with the marked subcategorization in each case being Black, female, and unrepressed (Lutz and Collins 1993:115).
Such subcategorization may in practice differ little from a cap on the amount of damages.
non-institutionalized population, the sample size is insufficient to permit extensive subcategorization.
As is often the case in quantitative linguistics and stylistics, it was necessary to make decisions without an excess of subcategorization in order to achieve a workable method.
250, Subpart Y) with the proposed rule revising this subcategorization to "Tissue, Filter, Non-Woven and Paperboard from Purchased Pulp" (proposed 40 CFR 430.
For many years, morphologists have struggled with the subcategorization of lymphocytes (and also granulocytes).
Although such subcategorization sounds good, in actual practice many ambiguous variants will be identified.
20,156) The complexity of findings in sporadic GCK and incomplete understanding of contributing factors resulted in this questionable "etiologic" subcategorization, including secondary GCK.
The cases also oppose EPA's subcategorization of coal types that encourages fuel switching.
The role of subcategorization, the lexicon and the X template