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which DP', can appear in such questions either with a gap in the position it is subcategorized inside the clause, or with a resumptive pronoun filling that gap.
Social inclusions and exclusions were subcategorized into family support, education and employment, reasons for allowing and disallowing their child to play with the epileptic child.
While interlingual errors are subcategorized as grammatical, prepositional, and lexical interference, intralingual errors are divided into overgeneralization, incorrect use of articles, spelling, and redundancy.
Tang and Tomlin, (2008) [11] also listed risks like Supply risk, demand risk, intellectual property risk and political risk among supply chain risks; however they have subcategorized supply side risks into supply cost risks and supply commitment risks.
The book is divided into seven sections that are subcategorized into chapters and allow topics to build on one another.
These kind of written works--including biographies, autobiographies, testimonies, fictional accounts--are so prevalent in Korea that they are often subcategorized as ("division literature") with division referring to the partition of the South and North Koreas.
There are three major groups of phytochemicals: the polyphenols which can be subcategorized as the flavonoids, phenolic acids and other non-flavonoid polyphenols; the terpenoids, which can be subcategorized as the carotenoids and non-carotenoid terpenoids; and the thiols, which includes the glucosinolates, allylic sulfides and non-sulphur containing indoles (Table.
Aymara is an agglutinative suffix-only language with a rich morphology, he says, and like other varieties, Muylaq' Aymara has four types of suffixes: nominal, verbal, transpositional, and suffixes not subcategorized for lexical category.
Wood was also subcategorized as: very small woody debris (<5 cm diameter), small woody debris (5-10 cm), medium woody debris (10-15 cm), or large woody debris (>15 cm).
To analyze these results further, the studies in this review can be subcategorized into three groups involving CIMT: 1) as compared to other types of therapies, 2) as applied during a certain timeframe following a stroke, and 3) as applied with modifications to Dr.
They subcategorized apps as potentially useful if ob.