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They have been subcategorized as solid (75% of cases), glomuvenous malformation (glomangioma), and glomangiomyoma, depending on the relative prominence of glomus cells, vascular structures, and smooth muscle.
Developed reserves may be subcategorized as producing or non-producing.
More specifically, when subcategorized, citrus fruits were far more associated with a reduced risk of asthma, primarily due to the exceptionally high levels of vitamin C.
Impressed with pseudoscience and apparently obsessed with sanguinary percentages, Heydrich divided and subcategorized the inhabitants of Europe on the basis of the Aryan "purity" of their blood.
Food items were categorized according to the establishment and subcategorized according to the type of food, as well as whether the food was considered a side dish, main entree including side dishes, main entree without side dishes, or single items that could be purchased individually.
They both host functors that are subcategorized for, and the first of which is thereby "raised" to the left of {P} (see yet again Anderson 2006:[section]11.
Those in the former group were subcategorized either as ex-athletes or their side-kicks while the latter group included manipulators, socializers, minimalists, and underachievers.
Age at surgery (in years), coded as a continuous variable, was subcategorized as follows: [less than or equal to]59, 60-69, 70-79 and [greater than or equal to]80 years.
The business object in the E-R diagram is basically subcategorized in the REA model as either a resource or agent.
Internet rights can be subcategorized as streaming and download.
Vector data sets were subcategorized into 30 groups including operational and boundary data describing base perimeters, unit boundaries, the location of Iraqi Security Forces, as well as topographic information, including building locations, hydrology, industrial areas, population demographics, cultural data, location of utilities and key infrastructure.
Hospital data categories for each patient included the following: ED services and their associated costs subcategorized as urgent or non-urgent, the total cost for inpatient visits, and the total cost of all other hospital services.