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A proteotypic peptide specific for the horse IgG subclass 1 constant region was chosen to be monitored by SRM and served as a surrogate digestion control.
We generated calibration curves for each subclass and for the total IgG.
Horse IgG, as a digest standard, was used to generate calibration curves for each subclass and total IgG with linear 1/x regression.
Since human IgG subclasses are highly homologous with almost 95% aminoacid sequence identity (15), some human IgG subclass restricted mouse MAbs may recognize epitopes shared by multiple IgG subclasses.
IFI8A8 and 8F9A8 MAbs are IgG3 and Pan-IgG specific MAbs included as controls Commercial IgG subclass monospecific MAbs.
IgG3 subclass has different amino acid sequences at positions 276 and 291 in CH2 domain and positions 392, 422 and 435 in CH3 domain in comparison with other subclasses.
It has been suggested that IgA deficiency requires an association to an IgG subclass deficiency, especially IgG2 and IgG4, for its participation in severe infectious processes.
The aim of this study was the determination of the clinical and laboratory characteristics of IgA deficient patients followed at our Immunology Clinic, specifically in terms of infectious manifestations and IgG subclass and MBL levels.