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Verify that all images have been copied into the correct subdirectory.
Excel 97 has a particularly nasty tendency to switch the active subdirectory to the one used in the last "File Open" command.
The interface illustrated in Figure 9 requries the user to move down the levels of nested subdirectories one at a time, but does provide the shortcut of allowing the user to back up as many levels as desired from the pup-up menu showing the current location in the subdirectory hierarchy.
are now quite good at taking an incoming e-mail and separating the text portion of the message from the encoded binary file, then placing the e-mail text in your "In" basket and the decoded binary file in some other subdirectory under its original name.
Note: The first slash indicates that WWW is a subdirectory of your home directory, the second slash indicates that you want to move the file into that subdirectory.
Rather than trying to decipher short, nondescriptive subdirectory and file names, you will have more than enough information to locate a client matter and documents without help from your paralegal or secretary.
In addition, multiple disk sides can be grouped and presented as a single subdirectory.
As part of the pilot, at the end of each six-week period an interface file captures all student data into a subdirectory, which is then saved to diskette and forwarded to the service center at Region 10, where all report cards are printed.
Pemex Gas' Subdirectory of Production processes underground natural gas and manages 10 gas processing complexes, comprising 71 processing facilities, 131 units of auxiliary services, and 100 thousand tons in capacity of liquid storage.
Gov is comprised of 37 "sites" (each organized at a subdirectory of Mass.
Several of you e-mailed me to point out several errors in my last column, mostly having to do with my statements on the advisability of loading Windows 95 into a separate subdirectory and keeping the old Windows 3.
The start menu can be modified by selecting the sequence Start, Settings and Taskbar or going into Windows Explorer and looking in the subdirectory (sorry; we're no longer considered informed enough to use that term; it's now a folder.