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The chambers, which were probably spacious in former times, are now cut up by partitions, and subdivided into little nooks, each affording scanty room for the narrow bed and chair and dressing-table of a single lodger.
Sleighs are also subdivided into two - horse and one-horse sleighs.
The Britons, from whom the present Welsh are descended, inhabited what is now England and Wales; and they were still further subdivided, like most barbarous peoples, into many tribes which were often at war with one another.
The trade in timber grew to be so considerable that it was subdivided, and since the fourth year of our industrial era, we have had dealers in firewood, squared timber, planks, bark, and later on, in charcoal.
Launce's eye looked in sidelong expectation at the divided and subdivided ham.
The men were subdivided into groups, assorted according to the deeds and reputations of the several individuals of whom they were composed.
This force is so organized and subdivided that the machinery of the school goes on day by day like clockwork.
The RIM is a map that covers a large geographic area in which the land to be subdivided lies.
Contract notice: Acquisition of physical education materials, Subdivided into 42 lots, For the purposes of education and training of the province of lige
In the favour of this conjecture, the present paper deals with different results on antimagicness of a class of trees, which is called subdivided stars.
Contributions are categorized into main headings: section I: theory/criticism, subdivided into politics and culture, gender, aesthetics/poetics; section II: statements of purposes: groups and journals; section III: poetry, subdivided into consciousness, Malcolm, Coltrane and Jazz, Africa, women, heritage, songs; section IV: drama; section V: fiction/narrative; afterwords.
Other available space within the city is much further from the airport, cannot be subdivided, and is generally outdated.