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Mr Pitt made the announcement in Napranum while inspecting works at the town s new $355,000 subdivision.
Once we have confirmed a serious construction defect issue with a homeowner in a newer subdivision we will do our best to locate the most skilled, and experienced local, or regional construction defect law firm and then use their inspectors to determine how widespread the problem is in that specific subdivision.
The LDA advised prospective buyers of plots in any of above mentioned housing schemes/ land subdivisions not to purchase property in any scheme, until the scheme/ land subdivision was approved by the Lahore Development Authority.
Rescinding the plans was being considered because city officials contend the slope and stabilization treatments used to construct a large, steep slope between Honeysuckle Road and Bittersweet Boulevard do not comply in several ways with the definitive subdivision plan approved by the Planning Board in October 2009.
Activa argued that it was extending its existing subdivision from the other side of Rest Acres Road and had already supplied some services including schools, parks, and stormwater management.
Adds new subdivision (f) allowing otherwise confidential information to be shared with authorities authorized to investigate alleged criminal activity.
Huber Development has sold 18 of 23 lots in its Alderwood Subdivision less than eight months after getting approval.
The cardinality of the subdivision graph of the tadpole graph [T.
We use data on subdivision house sales occurring over the period 1981-2001 in a county on the fringe of the Washington, D.
The 250-page text offers a comprehensive overview of single-unit residential subdivision valuation methodology.
The subdivision of land has become a process involving multiple design professionals and lawyers, not to mention town, state and even federal agencies.