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Another frightening unknown involves "asperities" - parts of the plates that don't subduct evenly.
In one early scenario (figure 1), the lower part of the Indian lithosphere (left), made up of mantle rock, subducts beneath Asia (right) and then sinks down into the mantle.
The robust design of ConQuest[R] Detectable SubDucts permits the use of standard fiber-optic cables construction rather than micro cables.
On the west side of Luzon, the Sunda Plate subducts eastward along a series of trenches, including the Manila Trench in the north, the smaller less well-developed Negros Trench in the central Philippines, and the Sulu and Cotabato trenches in the south (Cardwell et al.
The Adriatic plate, which includes Venice, subducts beneath the Apennines Mountains and causes the city and its environs to drop slightly in elevation," he said.
The northern edge of the Panama arc merges without apparent tearing northward into the Caribbean slab that subducts beneath northwest Colombia (Figure 4)