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All schools are recognized in one of two performance categories, based on all student scores, subgroup student scores and graduation rates:
Overall, bucks in this subgroup are the heaviest, often weighing over 300 pounds on the hoof.
For example, Chein and colleagues (2010) used LCA to identify four subgroups of children based on profiles of classroom engagement using data from the National Center for Early Development and Learning Multi-State Study of Kindergarten and examined associations between the profiles and child outcomes.
Although the Supreme Court has not been presented with a due process claim on behalf of a subgroup articulated as such, subgroups are not total strangers to the law.
African-American subgroup demonstrated significantly less efficacy failure in favor of Envarsus XR (-13.
We observed several differences among the 3 subgroups in the whole-genome phylogeny (Figure 1).
6] This increased risk is likely to be a chance finding, because there is no biologic basis for expecting a different outcome in this subgroup, as shown in cholesterol-lowering trials of women with prior disease.
Extract from this report -- If the CIS region is taken into consideration, Russia accounted for almost 77% in terms of value of the generic drug subgroup in 2012.
Our recent work [19] also addresses semantic subgroup discovery, but focuses on a problem of explaining patient subgroups (e.
Similarly, cancellation rate was not significant in two LH value subgroups (subgroup A vs.
6]A subgroup H is said to be E-supplemented in G if there is a subgroup K of G such that G = HK and H[intersection]K [less than or equal to] HeG, where HeGdenotes the subgroup of H generated by all those subgroups of H which are S-quasinormally embedded in G.
The probability of finding a false positive result among 10 subgroups (if you use the usual criterion of keeping the chance of a false positive in each subgroup to less than 5 percent) is 1 - 0.