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tracks subhead sty It was difficult to tell who was happiest out of trainer Eric Wheeler and owner Gary Witheford, the renowned horse whisperer, after Beggers Belief had won the second division of the 1m2f handicap.
In the Survey Summary of the April 2002 issue of Corrections Compendium, it was incorrectly stated under the Inmate Interviews subhead on Page 7 that "interviews are not permitted under any circumstances in Arizona .
Bruce Mau Design, Three Moving Projects, Only Title 'Architecture' (Magazine) Will Stay, 'Safe Rooms' Come Out Of Hiding, Great-Looking Product (Too Bad Nobody Wants It) with the subhead 'why good design is not always good business' and Architect Prays 4 Churches, Builds 'God's Way'.
There, under the subhead "Militarization," the following appears:
Under the subhead Retirement savings/pension relief, the third sentence should read, "Special catch-up contributions for those age 50 or above to all plans including SIMPLEs also increase by an additional $500 in 2002-2005 to $1,000 in 2006 and subsequent years.
Write a headline, subhead and witty story description first.
In "Safety Measures," (Best's Review, August 2000), your subhead on page 42 used that old saw "trial lawyers" to describe plaintiff's lawyers.
Hyperbole Award: The subhead of an AP story by Calvin Woodward on the Presidential race, which appeared in the March 10 Wisconsin State Journal: "Analysts Say Voters May Face Profound Ideological Differences Between the Two Presidential Candidates.
In turn, the subhead Art Museums focuses on the careers of Museum Director, Curator, Conservator, Restorer and other options.
To negotiate the city's morass of rent - control laws, one must become either cheater or victim - or both," ran the subhead to John Tierney's thoughtful account of a subtenant paying over a thousand dollars per month under the table to the primary legal tenant of a regulated apartment, a tenant who no longer resides in New York and is not planning to return.
I read an infuriating article in the London Times that proclaimed in screaming headlines, DANCING ON AIR, GASPING FOR A BEER AND A SMOKE, with the damning subhead, "Poor diet, unhealthy habits and lack of fitness are crippling Britain's dancers, report says.