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Subject headings and subheadings were only counted once per record.
Originally conceived as a tool to educate pharmacists, this expanded and updated second edition employs a consistent set of standardized headings and subheadings for each botanical chapter which is divided into nine major headings: 1.
Under the subheading Literature, readers were told about the Bay State's great tradition of literature and its links to such illustrious authors as "Samuel Elliott Morrison.
Instead, under a subheading "Secret Agreements," Hirsh glibly documents what we at THE NEW AMERICAN have been saying all along, that the drive toward global government has been meticulously, deliberately, and covertly orchestrated by an internationalist elite, which we unblushingly refer to as a "conspiracy.
A Federal & National Materials subheading leads to more general publications by groups such as the U.
would have had a better chance of catching the reader's attention had it been preceded by a subheading, such as "Implications.
Thus in a section with the subheading, "Justice Revisited: the End of the Law," the author cites a report on samosud (summary justice) in stating that "during 1908 alone there were eighteen cases in Riazan' province" (p.
After some experimentation, a new company logotype, in which the letters A, R and T are emphasized in the word Charcuterie and a new subheading - The art of Continental Cooked Meats, is added to augment the logotype, various colour proposals were investigated, leading to the choice of two reds to be used on all stationery, literature, labels, etc.
In the November Comment "Censure Bill Clinton," Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution was said to have the subheading, "All civil offices forfeited for certain offenses.
It's often difficult to follow, in part because readers confront a new subheading on just about every page.
The following appeared under the subheading "Premeditated Disobedience":
For example, one subheading, "More Buildings Needed," covers the fact that the Federal Reserve System's officer count had risen from 558 to 716 during the decade of the seventies and that the Board of Governors moved into their new home, the Martin Building, on November 19, 1974.