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In disallowing Customs' classification, the Federal Circuit explained that although the language of subheading 2836.
Under composers, subheadings are included for either specific works or genres where appropriate.
Under the Safety Profile heading, Side Effects subheading of kava the concerns about potential liver toxicity are dealt with by presenting details of a case report available at the time.
Of portability I will have more to say later, but we all access information in books randomly by riffling their pages (which is why we prefer books over the "sequential access" of microfilm), and publishers assist us in this activity with tables of contents, indexes, running heads, chapter titles and subheadings.
For example, in the 14 page chapter covering the period 1970-79, 16 different subheadings comprise the discussion.
In the latter, the "basic" expression, joy, has fourteen subheadings ranging from "abashed smiles" to "uproarious laughter.
Primary therapeutic staff comprises subheadings of patient/therapy staff ratio, percentage of recovering alcoholics/addicts on staff, percentage of counselors certified, psychiatrist or psychologist on staff, and clergy on staff.
In the table on page 26 for AMR under the heading "Unaudited Results of Operations and as a Percentage of Net Revenue," the subheadings for two of the columns were inadvertently reversed and one of the columns contained a typographical error: the heading which reads "Six months ended June 30, 2005" should read "Three months ended June 30, 2005" and the heading which reads "Three months June 30, ended 2006" should read "Six months ended June 30, 2006.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 Medicinal products - includes 11 pieces subheadings generic names, such tenders may be submitted for each of them, according to technical specification.
The shares by duty ranges in the frequency distribution are based on the pro rata shares of tariff line level duties in the standard HS six-digit subheadings.
The layout features bullet points and numerous subheadings in an outline format, and worksheet-style exercises.
There are boxed "last minute tips," like concentrating on your opening and closing paragraphs when there's no time to polish everything, and many subheadings and bulleted lists to break up the text.