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Business activity continued to rise at a robust rate, with this subindex at 57.
This subindex differs from the subindices of the first two indicators insofar as the respect level indicates a negative parameter.
Usage subindex measures technology adoption and usage by the three groups of stakeholders -- government, business sector, and the population at large.
In a significant shift, however, Egypt created more jobs in September with the subindex hitting 51 points, the fastest rate of employment since records began in 2011.
The subindex for new orders edged further into contraction territory at 48.
The most powerful relationship is between the Impact subindex and SII, the analysis made in section c) illustrating this fact.
the revenue subindex for the following quarter is more optimistic - 49.
The PMI output subindex rose sharply but by less than over the previous six months.
The subindex for delivery times of suppliers rose 5.
The bank has suspended the issuance of iPath Dow Jones-UBS Natural Gas Subindex Total Return (SM) exchange traded notes (ETNs).
Similarly, CEOs' confidence in current business conditions has also improved, with the Current Confidence Index, which measures the confidence of current employment, economic and investment conditions, increasing 4 percent to reach nearly 70 points, the highest point since November 2008 when the subindex started experiencing steep declines.
Because some comprehension items required identifying specific information from the chart while others required synthesizing differences across all plans, we also created two subindices to test whether consumer skills or the revised chart would be related more to one subindex than another.