subject to loss

See: endanger
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This year, 15 schools are subject to loss of eligibility for default rates that were 30% or greater for three consecutive years, more than 40% for the latest year, or both (press call).
The largest cereal producers - France, Germany, Poland and the UK, add up to 160 million tonnes per year; at least 50% is estimated to be subject to loss of productivity due to the limitations imposed by both current and impending pesticide regulation.
Moody's believes that although debt obligations and other capital instruments may be subject to loss in a resolution, counterparty obligations may be shielded from loss in order to preserve the entity's operations.
The other is the challenge of data needed to build the physical model, like a granular elevation database, that can be used to identify areas most subject to loss when inundation occurs.
The mere fact that Brantford lacked certain infrastructure did not mean the property was subject to loss or damage.
Communities that do not meet the requirement are subject to loss of state aid, and non-approval of the tax rate.
But how they go about it can make a big difference in whether transactions are considered investment activity, subject to loss limitations, or the result of a trade or business, in which losses can offset income from other sources.
Losses also pass through as well but are subject to loss limitation provisions.
Other categories subject to loss include the production of commodity goods: mobile phones.
Our system also identifies particular types of equipment that are subject to loss and schedules them for replacement.