subject to punishment

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Violation: Swearing, insulting or accusing another person of a matter for which he can be subject to punishment or be held in contempt by others
of a matter of which he shall be subject to punishment or being held in contempt
Offensive and illegal acts can be subject to punishment once the content is analyzed and determined by authorities to be a violation of the system of electronic publications, he explained.
Male guardians are subject to punishment if women are not complying with the prescribed dress code.
If in the past only the founder, administrator, manager or the company's legal representative were punished, in the current version also the general manager, member of the supervision or management board have become subject to punishment.
If a random drug test detects the presence of illegal drugs, Martin said, troops are subject to punishment under military law guidelines.
Under the prior rules, any such person who violated the pact of secrecy was subject to punishment at the discretion of the new pope.
Suleiman said that the signatories are subject to punishment on different criminal counts and called for investigation into the participation of political parties in drafting this document.
Women are also subject to punishment for "disruptive behaviour" and are vulnerable to sexual violence in centres overseen by male guards.
This would also communicate to Israel that it is not above international law, even though it has largely ignored them in the last few decades without being subject to punishment or reprisal.
The penalties will affect companies rated as "red" within the new job nationalization programme while those rated as "yellow" would be subject to punishment in February when their deadline expires, according to the article.
Ministry officials had never before answered such requests from government critics, making the groups technically illegal and therefore subject to punishment for the crime of "illegal association.