subject to scrutiny

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Under Kansas law, a price increase that exceeds 25 percent compared with the price the day before the disaster is suspect and subject to scrutiny, and a seller that has increased prices by that amount or more may be required to provide documentation that the increase is due to the sellers increased cost of obtaining the fuel.
7 billion of taxpayer-funded capital in 2014 and 2015, it is subject to scrutiny by the Audit Service.
It needs to hold on to that, because it's easy when you're subject to scrutiny and criticism to feel beleaguered and defensive - and that can have an impact on morale.
Moreover, City Regions are also subject to scrutiny by the National Assembly with representatives from both Swansea Bay and the Capital Region having given evidence to committees of the Fourth Assembly on a regular basis.
Par son vocabulaire qui conjugue formalisme et conceptualisme, Subject to scrutiny nous invite a nous fondre dans l'Luvre pour eprouver sa nature reflexive et ontologique.
Data that will be subject to scrutiny by DANS includes date of reservation and issuance of tickets; names and birth date of the passenger; planned flight dates; address and contact details; information on whether the passenger travels frequently by plane; information on luggage.
This would then be subject to scrutiny and include consideration of risks, chief executive Memo Musa said.
Then he was subject to scrutiny, and the innuendo and interrogations resumed as he reclaimed the title after crashing out of the 2014 race with a fractured hand and broken wrist.
It is financed by licence payers who have to pay by law and in my book everything should be subject to scrutiny.
It is not subject to scrutiny by the Comptroller and Auditor General or the Public Accounts Committee.
Brown has been subject to scrutiny by court and probation officials after pleading guilty to attacking Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time, hours before the 2009 Grammy Awards.
t's not just celebrities who go up and down in the popularity stakes, designers themselves are subject to scrutiny too.