subject to verification

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The number of shares tendered and not withdrawn is preliminary and is subject to verification by the Depositary and to the proper delivery of all shares tendered and not properly withdrawn (including shares tendered pursuant to guaranteed delivery procedures).
Comments : The proposed EIB finance and the total project cost figures provided below represent initial EIB estimates of maximum amounts and are subject to verification during appraisal.
Of course, it is all subject to verification - the sanctions will not be lifted until the progress that has been agreed by Iran is actually being made on the ground.
The audit officials briefed the committee that a total of fifteen audit paras were pending with the NAB/FIA out of which one para was discussed and recommended for settlement with subject to verification by the department concerned.
Sea-based operations were conducted under the control of the US Navy Europe (NAVEUR), and the destruction was subject to verification by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
These amounts are preliminary and subject to verification by the exchange agent.
All winners shall be subject to verification of age upon selection.
6 litre HDi FAP 112 Euro 5 diesel engine and, although the figure remains subject to verification, Peugeot claims CO2 emissions of just 98g/km - the lowest in its segment.
You can rest assured that if, and this is subject to verification, he himself was involved in any rowdyism, appropriate action will be taken," Singhvi said.
As Ethanol contains less energy, less efficiency factor will be incorporated in the pricing mechanism of E-10 subject to verification of HDIP Labs.
THE WINNER The winner will be the person placing the highest bid, subject to verification.
All instant wins are subject to verification that instant winner has correctly answered the competition question.