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He examines the "ideologistes" and Napoleon, ideology-critique and ideology-theory according to Marx and Engels, the concept of ideology Ron the Second International to "Marxism-Leninism," the concept of ideology from Lukacs to the Frankfurt School, Louis Althusser's ideas on ideological state-apparatus and subjection, the period from the collapse of the Althusser School to postculturalism and postmodernism, Pierre Bourdien's field habitus and symbolic violence, ideology-critique with the hinterland of a theory of the ideological, Friederick Hayek and the ideological dispositif of neoliberalism, and the unfulfilled promise of the late Foucault and Foucaultian "governmentality studies.
The subjection of somebody to hatred because of his inherent features and characteristics acquired by birth (color, race, nation, gender, language and place of birth).
Calling attention to performance as a theory that is multisensory, Fred Moten locates an a acoustic materiality that emanates from the scenes of subjection Hartman describes.
Transparency also dictates the subjection of the Muslim Brothers as a group to a legal framework, which they so far missed, since they have existed as a banned yet tolerated group.
During the fasting day, which begins at dawn and continues until immediately after sunset, Muslims must refrain from drinking, eating, smoking and sexual relations - the subjection of the passions and the appetites, being designed to purify the soul and bring it close to God.
But, in this moment where Pythias and Tycho "sit for a long time, quietly, as morning turns hot noon," with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her, Lyon offers a glimpse of intimacy and subjection (236).
Egyptian presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei, in an interview published on Aug 31, criticized the ruling army's refusal to allow foreign monitoring of forthcoming elections and its subjection of civilians to military trials.
Due to the plunge in the budget, major transportation projects will undergo a number of major changes, including subjection to careful financial planning.
This, of course, is also a metaphor for subjection.
Drawing attention to the "heterogeneous, multicultural origins of Afrikaans (as language and cultural matrix)", this article outlines and elucidates Kramer's critique--through the character of his self-styled legendary "laaste Boesman", Sas--of subjection by, "among other things, fixing identities and relations".
Karl Barth says of the wonder that in the baptism we see: "His free subjection to the will of God.
The problem associated with this situation is the subjection of material to ultra paramagnetic phase in which instable nanoparticles magnetic orientation are formed after field is cut off.